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X-Pec news: March 2021

Site moved to another server
21 Dec, 2002 | ivc | Updated 29 Jan | 6 comments

I have moved the site over to another server, dedicated to web hosting. And as you might have experienced, the site is more responsive and reliable now. :)

The server is now running on a P3 733 with RAID 1 (mirroring).

New X-Pec HQ Piccs Up
28 Nov, 2002 | Pibbz | Updated 19 Dec by ivc | 5 comments

A few piccs from when we cleaned up the place yesterday, check out The Picture Section

X-Pec Beats MESED
11 Nov, 2002 | Pibbz | Updated 4 Mar by CLX | 18 comments

Tonight we decided to play an official match, and the team we chose to play was ofcourse another state-of-the-art counter-strike team. This team was ofcourse MESED, which is probably one of the most active teams in norway. Tonights maps were cbble and train.

After everyone was ready, we decided to do the "kniferound", just to memorize the good old days. We started out with startmoney $2250, which was set for kevlar and night vision. X-Pec won an almost flawless kniferound, only mestr and e114 had to bite the dust...

After a very close game, with lots of headshots, X-Pec made a rather surprising 22-2 win on cbble, but we have to add that JonAnders caused us trouble every single round, and we were frequently short on cash and had to buy some untradtional weapons for a few rounds.

Train on the other hand was to be MESED's map. They won TWO rounds as terror with overwhelming mad skills and teamplay. But we didnt loose our head, and pulled ourselves back as CT, winning 12 rounds to 0.

MESED is probably the clan we appreciate most in the whole CB.no league, no whining whatshowever, just pure fun from beginning to end, GG guys, hoping for a rematch soon! :)

Connection Capped At 10Mbit
8 Nov, 2002 | Pibbz | Updated 8 Nov | 1 comment

Fastcom.no decided to cap our Internet connection at 10mbit for an unknown period of time, because of overuse between 08:00 and 16:00 a few days after our fragmovie was released... This was simply a glitch in our software that was supposed to cancel all upload traffic at 8'o clock. We're struggeling to remove the cap and are therefore not going to host any files on our server in the future.

X-Pec Attending Netbase
7 Nov, 2002 | Pibbz | Updated 8 Nov | 3 comments

X-Pec have decided to attend the LAN in Lillesand called Netbase. The first prize in the Counter-Strike compo is an estimated 5000 Nok, or aprox 625 Euro.
CLX and e114 (Quake3 Div) are probably attending the Q3 compo.
I will post further info as soon as it becomes available...

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