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cluxjumps 1.1
24 Jun, 2008 | clux | Updated 2 Aug by ivc | 6 comments

Hope you're sitting down, I'm almost as surprised as you are.

Presenting cluxjumps 1.1; a smooth trickjump video containing everything on my old site. It was skillfully crafted by Speedz0r, who came also came up with this great idea. He contacted me a couple of months ago with his idea and has pretty much implemented every tiny detail that I suggested, he even incorporated my love for estradasphere. Anyway, he's the man to thank, thank me when my promode movie is out : )

Here's the break down.

Length: 7m1s
Size: 229 Megs
Resolution: 960x600
Codec: wmv v9
Mirrors: own-age, stylesofbeyond, amazon s3

Edit: Link to cluxjumps for demo downloads and more details. New mirror, Amazon S3.

It's Done!
28 Apr, 2008 | Pibbz | Updated 28 Apr | No comments

When it's done!

Thats regarding the fragmovie ofc. Implementing the famous Blizzard policy on this project, effective immidiately.

Lack of a compatible half-life version to play the demos combined with a disease called wow is to blame. Work is eating up the rest of my time, and denies me the possibility to stay up late every night, sadly.

Project is not cancelled in any way though ;)

Oh My God! It's Coming!
27 Aug, 2007 | Pibbz | 12 comments

This site is clearly outdated! Maybe i should dedicate an hour or two to at least update my profile?

I blame work and World of Warcraft for not doing it earlier.

Just a little update regarding the fragmovie. It IS coming, as i soon get the nessecary resources to build myself a new server, i will be able to start working on the footage again.

Lets make a deadline... I guess it should be done before xmas, hopefully! ;)

Server Upgrade
23 Mar, 2007 | ivc | Updated 23 Mar | 2 comments

Today I finally get to upgrade the hardware of the webserver. Because of the change of owners for our cafe and the decline in Counter-Strike interest, a great and powerful server was freed and at my disposal.

The previous server was of a regular workstation-ish spec, Intel P4 2.4 GHz, Supermicro motherboard and TwinMOS 512 MB memory. The current server has a much better caliber and hopefully withstand a great few more years of Internet abuse. Specs:

  • Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz Hypertread enabled with 533 MHz Front-Side-Bus
  • Tyan S2723 Server Motherboard
  • Corsair 1 GB of memory

Hope you will appreciate the subtle decrease in rending time for each page load. :)

Site Upgrade
5 Jun, 2006 | ivc | Updated 5 Jun | 4 comments

I felt it was needed with a code upgrade of the site. Most of the code hasn't been looked at since it was first written back in 2002. It was rather amusing to go through the files line by line and see all the crazy tricks and not so good solutions I chose back then. It's all much better now.

My goal was to make the site optimized for speed, more secure and up the codequality. Here's a short summary of what's changed:
  • Re-vamped all the admin pages and respective front-end pages
  • Updated the member pages, new fields and minor layout change
  • Proper 'No picture available' when there isn't any available
  • All the pictures now has the correct aspect ratio
  • More secure back-end upload functions
  • Comments are now available for merits, movies, member profiles and pictures
  • Completely re-written the quotes page, easier to navigate
  • Opted for javascript anti-spam e-mail protection method
  • Added some new pictures under cafe, hq, and lan
  • And of couse a lot of minor code changes on various other pages
Let me know if you find new bugs related to the changes above.

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