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X-Pec news: July 2024

Interview with eclipse
10 Nov, 2010 | eclipse | Updated 26 Nov by ivc | No comments

Just finished an oldschooler interview @ ArcticNova.org, bringing back good old memories, with lots of pictures and movies!

Link: Check it out! - [local backup - local screenshot]

Chicks Dig X-Pec 2 - minor update
20 Jan, 2010 | eclipse | Updated 22 Jan | No comments

As Pibbz wrote earlier about the "lack of a compatible half-life version to play the demos", I have now found a new(atleast to my knowledge) demoprogram for our old Counter-Strike demos. It's called Complexity Demo Player and it plays ALL of my demos(!) That's right, prepare yourselves for some oldschool 1.1 frags, as well as 1.3 and 1.5 in our upcoming CDX2 fragfest.

This program uses Steam and CS1.6 to play the demos, and that means -> widescreen <- :) I made a small teaser from one of our old 1.1 demos, the final @ PingReply '01; VSE vs zX9. Enjoy!

Download: Complexity Demo Player
Bonus: el-lobo obliterates zX9

EDIT: I've now started grinding through my old demos, and dug up this old gem: busted

Movie Section Overhaul
16 Sep, 2009 | Pibbz | 3 comments

As a (rather pleasant) side-effect of buying a new house, I am now also the proud owner of a 20mbit full duplex fiber connection. So what, you might ask? Well, it means i can host a lot of stuff from my home servers, and the first thing I did was to overhaul the X-Pec movie section.

All the movies now have an additional mirror (ftp.pibbz.com), hosted at my house. Kiss the old (and dead) mirrors goodbye.

This change, combined with the host ivc provides should suffice, dont you think? :)

Oh, I've also made a small demo from the frags and episodes that didnt make it into the Chicks Dig X-Pec II final cut. Note that this is not an official release, its more of a refresh of my Adobe Premiere skills. Like it or not, I recalled a lot during the making of this piece of crap, feel free to check it out here:

ftp.pibbz.com (Norway)

X-Pec is back!
5 Jun, 2009 | ivc | Updated 5 Jun | 2 comments

Yes, X-Pec is back but this time doing something out of the ordinary.

Take a look at our new project and possible future gig:

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

X-Pec 10 Year Anniversary!
28 Dec, 2008 | Pibbz | 1 comment

On this date back in 1998, X-Pec was founded, as a result of four dedicated friends that wanted a little bit more than regular free-for-all gaming.

We have been having a lot of great fun and new experiences during the last decade, lets just hope it doesnt end quite yet.

Im gonna use this opportunity to announce that our second fragmovie will be released this year. I have already started dusting off the old demos and avi clips :)

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