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X-Pec History

  • Founding 1998
  • LANing - new members - summer 2000
  • Clanbase ownage from autumn 2000
  • Founders -> Army - autumn 2000
  • Merge with VSE Jan 2001
  • Spring & Summer Ownage 2001 winnings
  • Late summer reunioin 2001
  • Autumn 2001 Diablo2 LAN
  • HQ Aquired winter 2001
  • HQ Ready january 2002
  • After gamesphere freelancing spring 2002
  • Army for Generation 83 - summer 2002
  • Fragmovies and connection fall 2002
  • CS Plans and results autumn 2002
  • X-Pec Reincarnates
  • Booty becomes X-Pec.q3 chrismas 2002
  • Winter events
  • Planet X-Pec opens february 2003
  • Memberchanges february 2003
  • gn2 and naitzo rejoins spring 2003
  • evil_r replaces Xonix, el-lobo quits spring 2003
  • Flabbert welcomed as manager and Naitzo to military fall 2003
  • Oslolan fall 2003
  • CPL Denmark
  • Master of all Platforms
  • Master of all Platforms
  • evil_r off to military winter 2004
  • Counter-Strike squad goes inactive january 2004
  • Fall/Winter 2005-2006
  • Spring 2006
  • Spring 2008
  • References

  • Founding 1998
    X-Pec was founded December 28th ,1998 in Arendal [1] [2], Norway. The founding fathers were Xenophobe, Pibbe, Element (nka e114) and Coldcut. The name was decided by putting together the first letter in these players nicknames. Coldcut by the way, left us in an early stage, and did never play a clanmatch for us. Then we decided to allow CLX to join our clan, since we kind of needed one more man. Until summer 2000; we'd only played HLDM, KPDM & CS for fun @ LANs.

    LANing - new members - summer 2000
    We spendt nearly the whole summer 2000 LANing at Xeno and we were starting to enjoy cs and felt good enough to start playing versus other clans online. The coolest of the people we'd been LANing with until then, the ones we knew best naturaly :), was recruited that summer/early autumn. Those were: Toa (e114s brother), eclipse, skr01k, eL-Lobo, Evil_R, UrgPurg, Magnifier & iVanCover.

    Clanbase ownage from autumn 2000
    We signed up to the ClanBase ladder system in the end of the summer. None of us had a decent connection then, but luckily there was a decent netcafe downtown. We captured the first place in the Norwegian Ladder easily and it took us ALOT of matches before we ever lost one. Magnifier left us later that year due to internal trouble.

    Founders -> Army - autumn 2000
    Late autumn 2000, Xenophobe, PibbZ and El-Elemento went to the army for one year, and the others continued to reign in the Norwegian ClanBase Ladder, after a while we even joined the international one. magnifier rejoined.
    We became a multi-gaming clan.

    Merge with VSE Jan 2001
    In the beginning of 2001 we had been the clearly best Norwegian CS clan and with possible sponsors in mind we merged with the very best norwegian Quake3 and ex-Q2CTF clan VSE.

    Spring & Summer Ownage 2001 winnings
    We played on, went to The Gathering 2001 and placed second (winning 6000 NOK) after losing to the swedish top clan team9. And in the summer we went to two other big LANs in Norway; Nex and Xenox. We placed First on Nex (35000 NOK) and second on Xenox (15000 NOK) losing to Unknown who we beat in the final on Nex.

    Late summer reunioin 2001
    Late summer 2001 magnifier was kicked, the the army dudes returned, and they started praccing again. At least that was the plan..
    There was a conflict with the local netcafe after they treated us badly several times and we decided not to go there to play.

    Autumn 2001 Diablo2 LAN
    We was left with Evil_R's 64kb ISDN :)
    Pibbz, e114, Toa, CLX, Urgpurg & magnifier (when he rejoined later in the autumn) buckled up there and started playing Diablo 2 on Battle.Net 24/7. There was no cs praccing whatshowever. Just a little bit for fun.

    HQ Aquired winter 2001
    Winter 2001 We found a place to continue to kick ass, a small apartment over a local grocery store were Fastcom's 100Mbit Fiber line luckily passed by (guess where the Xenox money went :)

    HQ Ready january 2002
    In January 2002 everything was ready. We were jacked in and ready to go :)
    We had been inactive for aprox 6 months and to kickstart the ownage we had been doing the last 1.5 years was hard. Not everyone of us liked what CS had evolved to, but everyone were trying hard anyway. We planed on going to, AND doing well on GameSphere 2002 (alternative to The Gathering 2002), but a few weeks before CLX and e114's motivation had passed the zero barrier.
    CLX, who'd been playing some quake3 for fun over the last ~year, was let into VSE's Quake3 squad. e114 just didn't want to compete in CS anymore and played something else for fun.

    This happened only 2 weeks before gamesphere. It was ofcourse was a severe loss to the team since they both was in the main lineup the last months. The results shown at gamesphere ofcourse reflected this loss. We lost to wR and aOd and didn't even make it to the top 3.
    Toa and magnifier quit cs, and started playing DAOC instead. eL-Lobo went to poker. e114 played some Q3 and some singleplayer for fun until RTCW came out. The people that still wanted to play CS decided to abandon VSE, and get some new experiences.

    After gamesphere freelancing spring 2002
    We had great fun freelancing the next ~6 months downloading movies and playing what we all wanted to :) Mestr, a newer lan buddy joined us during the summer and started freelancing in CS.

    Evil_R and some other dudes from around norway founded Reincarnation, and Pibbz joined up with Aftermath. eclipse freelanced abit before joining up with Massive Attack, as their plan was to go to the next CPL event. Massive Attack merged with the multigaming clan Scandinavia, but this did not last long. DarK got an offer from Nordic Division he couldn't refuse and left SCA. eclipse joined up with nin9 eXiled zealots for a while before it was time to serve our country (lol).

    Army for Generation 83 - summer 2002
    Autumn 2002 the time had run out for eclipse, el-lobo, CLX & Mestr. They were all DUE FOR THE ARMY! Mestr luckily got out, but the 3 others didn't. They all quickly turned to the best alternative, civil service. eclipse joined Evil_R and naitzo in Reincarnation.

    Fragmovies and connection fall 2002
    Several fragmovies was made (both q3 & cs), kinda the hype then :). This resulted in heavy uploads (duh!), and fastcom capping our connection to 10Mbit :(

    CS Plans and results autumn 2002
    Late autumn 2002 Reincarnation was going to CPL Oslo. Pibbz had quit Aftermath and with mestr and el-lobo (who'd recently started again) we were 5 CS'ers again. The plans for an X-Pec comeback was mentioned internally. We of course wanted to play in LAN again, with no teamspeak and mics bugging us. But since Reincarnation was the clan registered at The CPL's pages, and we didn't want to backstab the other guys in Reincarnation -yet- we decided to wait until after the event :)
    We got to test the current X-Pec team prior to our convertion, because the Reincarnation player OzzFan had not arrived when the opening match was supposed to be played, and Pibbz had to play instead. Kind of lucky that he was added as a player in Reincarnation, just to be able to spectate the matches. We won against Amistad, a danish clan whith lots of potential. It was a close game, and we won 13-11 after some incredible terror rounds, which we had to win, after losing 7-5 as CT. By that, the current X-Pec team is unbeaten in CPL events :)

    X-Pec Reincarnates
    A few days after Reinc was out of the Clanbase EuroCup, we re-founded X-Pec, and eventually added the Grimstad (neighbour town) fellow and ex-Reincarnation player, naitzo.

    Booty becomes X-Pec.q3 chrismas 2002
    VSE.q3 had gone inactive by that time, so CLX & e114 had joined up with booty (ex-RA3 ClanBase CUP Winners) to play some TDM. Since they both played from the HQ, booty decided to join in with the CS'ers to become a multi-gaming clan again. X-Pec.q3 was founded with the following members: CLX, e114, bionic, cerium (ex-VSE.q3), emby (the troublemaker :), starwatch (ex-Massive), scoopex (ex-darksouls).

    Winter events
    In the end of 2002, naitzo left X-Pec, leaving el-lobo as the 5th mainplayer.

    The Q3 section reached the finals in the ClanBase Q3TDM Open Cup. Things were going slowly but in the start of 2003 we were trying to kickstart things again, taking in ex-aRCa n3uro, and signing up for leagues. This unfortunately didn't add much activity. The grand final in the open cup was won convincingly in the end of January 2003, but things were going to slowly for many of us, Q3 took up too much time to be able to continue playing as a team. We decided to drop our next plans and let the members go were they wanted to.

    Planet X-Pec opens february 2003
    In Februrary 2003 RA2 member Agandhjin, with help from the rest of X-Pec, taken over the old local netcafe. The cafe now goes under the name Planet X-Pec and Pibbz, eclipse, el-lobo, mestr & Xonix (evil_r steps in when nessasary) are playing CS from from there and sometimes from home.

    Memberchanges february 2003
    In February Evil_R and CLX prioritizes real life over gaming, and Xonix joins and replaces Evil_R.

    gn2 and naitzo rejoins spring 2003
    Spring 2003 we welcomed gn2 to the clan, and naitzo rejoined to fill in when others couldn't.

    evil_r replaces Xonix, el-lobo quits spring 2003
    After a while Xonix got fed up and evil_r stepped up to replace his spot and he's now fully active. One week later el-lobo stated that it really didn't work out anymore and decided to quit.

    Flabbert welcomed as manager and Naitzo to military fall 2003
    We wanted to hit high and welcomed Flabbert as our manager to help us out. His part in X-Pec was to hunt down corporations for sponsorships and generally everything needed to fulfill our demands.
    In the meantime just a couple of month after he rejoined X-Pec, Naitzo is off to military server for a year.

    Oslolan fall 2003
    We went for Oslolan 3. october, sponsored by our cafe.

    CPL Denmark
    One month after Oslolan we attended at CPL Copenhagen (Denmark), still sponsord by the cafe. The playoffs where exciting, especially against french High Fidelty, enjoy the HLTV demos :).

    Master of all Platforms
    Counter-Strike had been released on Xbox and eclipse&evil_r were ready for action. We went to CyberZone in Oslo to compete in a 2on2 compo for the title Master of All Platforms and 10000 NOK. MESED came out on top after some heavyduty ghosting and decided to invited us out for pizza. Good times.

    Master of all Platforms
    Counter-Strike had been released on Xbox and eclipse&evil_r were ready for action. We went to CyberZone in Oslo to compete in a 2on2 compo for the title Master of All Platforms and 10000 NOK. MESED came out on top after some heavyduty ghosting and decided to invited us out for pizza. Good times.

    evil_r off to military winter 2004
    In the beginning of january 2004, evil_r left for military service and is expected to return in one year.

    Counter-Strike squad goes inactive january 2004
    Without sufficient progress and willingness to continue with the current CS squad, we decided to leave the CS squad inactive. Naitzo is half way through his military service and we'll se what happens when he returns.

    Fall/Winter 2005-2006
    As it turned out, there wasn't sufficent interest in forming a new cs crew and people went on doing their own things. eclipse and mestr formed the csteam "9N" and later won the NESL 1st division. Players got replaced and 9N merged with Kebabs of Xprez. eclipse stayed with Xprez until he finally quit CS. Pibbz moved to Skien and pursued a long wanted degree in system and network administration at a private IT institution, Noroff. Toa, ella and urgpurg moved to an apartment in central Arendal mid-summer 2004. Fall 2005 urgpurg moved to Oslo to concentrate on Noroff studies. mestr, ella and toa at the same time moved to Kristiandsand to begin their studies at HiA, except for ella. He wanted to get a marine education but apparently failed the exams or application got denied.

    clux (and eclipse the following year) started their college-equal studies at HiA Grimstad while still living in Arendal. evil_r came back from the army and continued to work where he left off and later got an additional job at a bar in Arendal as a security guard.

    The X-Pec Cafe, Planet X-Pec, is still going strong after 3 years of business and staff except for agandhjin and ivc has been replaced by high-school kids to keep the cafe going.

    Spring 2006
    This spring clux has done some serious damage to the Norwegian Trackmania Nations ladder, claiming, of course, nothing less than the top spot. He's headed for Coventry this fall to study mathematics at Warwick University.

    The other members are doing nothing in terms of serious X-Pec teamwork, other than random DOTA games and cruising MMORPG games like World of Warcraft and Everquest 4. This fall and early next year it seems like everyone is going to jump on the new Conan MMO wagon when it's released. Pibbz returned to Arendal this spring and got himself a new flat. He also meat a few new girly friends while he lived in Skien and apparently got a girlfriend now.

    Spring 2008
    X-Pec has not really been active in what used to be the gaming community. Everything has moved forward and CS1.6 and Q3 seems to have no traction by the new horde of gamers. Pibbz is playing WoW and working at ps.no, while Toa and eclipse are also playing wow and studying at UiA. clux is still studying in England and out of the blue got a girlfriend. Urgpurg is still in Oslo working at the national Internet and television company Get doing heavy Oracle and database work. A step up from the initial customer service department. Agandhjin has started the first year of a bachelor degree in Mechatronics. Ivc is doing various stuff at the X-Pec office/HQ in Arendal. Magnifier moved to Germany last year to live with this girlfriend and of course play MMOs. Vandelay studying psychology at NTNU in Trondheim.

    The next big thing coming up is Conan and Warhammer 40000, and the second WoW expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King.

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