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Date: 2012-10-07

Quake CPMA frags from 2006-2007 by clux.

Length: 4:34
Codec: X264 @ 50FPS

Download (106 MB) (96 clicks) - No comments

Chicks Dig X-Pec II (Deleted Scenes)
Date: 2009-09-17

This little piece of crap was made when I decided it was time to refresh my Adobe Premiere skills, after almost 6 years.

The movie contains the clips and episodes that didnt make it into the final cut of Chicks Dig X-Pec II. I didnt put much effort into the editing here, it was more of a reminder of how to use Premiere, and testing out a few new codecs.

Do you guys like the quality or not? :)

Download (79 MB) (198 clicks) - 1 comment

cluxjumps 1.1
Date: 2008-06-24

All demos from cluxjumps. Produced by Speedz0r.

Length: 7:01 min - Size: 229 MB
Resolution: 960x600 - Codec: WMVv9

Music: Moby - Flower, Depeche Mode - John The Revelator, Estradasphere - Mekapses Yitonisa, Eldagalmk - Here Comes The King

Mirror #1 Amazon S3 (USA)
Mirror #2 ftp.pibbz.com (Norway)

Special: flash video (relatively hi-quality, vp6 1024 kbits video, 192 kbits mp3), hosted by blip.tv

Download (229 MB) (57 clicks) - 5 comments

X-Pec - Geeks Gone Wild 2 (Paintball)
Date: 2004-05-01

This is another movie not quite related gaming. It's another installment of our paintball adventure in the deep Norwegian woods.

The footage was shot by ivc, Agandhjin and billy between April and May 2004, and edited and produced by Agandhjin. Runtime: 7:39 min.

Cast: agandhjin, toa, combaya, naitzo, eclipse, dmn, macolsen, evil_r, urgpurg, eclipse, amir, gnatoh, stefanus, quester, billy, pibbz, lanfear and kikki.

Mirror #1 ftp.pibbz.com (Norway)

Download (146 MB) (274 clicks) - No comments

X-Pec - Geeks Gone Wild (Paintball)
Date: 2004-04-01

This is not stricly related to gaming but it's fun anyway. We're out in the deep Norwegian woods shooting paintballs and generally having fun.

The footage was shot between November 2003 and April 2004 by ivc and Agandhjin, and edited and produced by Agandhjin. Runtime: 9:36 min.

Cast: agadhjin, toa, e114, dmn, clux, pibbz, urgpurg, evil_r, eclipse, gnatoh, dex, combaya, hotdog, kikki, mestr, stian, stefanus, quester, knut and skr01k.

Mirror #1 ftp.pibbz.com (Norway)

Download (183 MB) (354 clicks) - No comments

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