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X-Pec news: July 2024

New Movie Mirrors
2 Aug, 2008 | ivc | Updated 2 Aug | 2 comments

I've finally got around finding a new and permanent mirror for all of our movie releases (4 GB total).

Amazon S3 offers good speed and reliable service for a very suitable price, i.e. 50 GB transfer costs 8.5 USD per month (will hardly hit 10 GB/month). S3 is only available as a web service via REST and SOAP. I used the third-party S3Browse website instead of coding a new uploader and interface.

Let us know if you have any problems with the S3 downloads. Head over to the movies section.

Server Update
1 Jul, 2008 | ivc | Updated 1 Jul | No comments

Yesterday, I finished an update I've postponed a little too long. Upgrading the disk drive and adding more space.

For the last few years the webserver has been running on two WD 40 GB hard drives in RAID1 mirror. Lately both the /usr and /var partitions filled up causing the Apache and Mysql server to crawl to a halt. In addition, one of the RAID drives went bad some weeks ago, leaving only the external USB backup hard drive as a safety net.

The new replacement drive candidate had to be a single platter drive (less things that can go wrong) and from a brand with a good track record. The Seagate 160 GB IDE drive seemed to fit the criteria perfect.

The migration from the old drives to the new took a little longer than anticipated due to forgetting to update the initramfs-image. But in the end the new drive set up works perfectly, maybe even slightly faster and better I/O throughput.

Other related updates, I finally found a secondary mail exchange (MX) backup in case (or when) the server or Internet connection drops. The backup MX will keep track of the incoming e-mail messages while the main host is down. As of now, I'm satisfied with the service provided by rollernet.us.

That's it for now.

cluxjumps 2004
20 Apr, 2004 | clux | Updated 19 Jan | 6 comments

For those interested in bunnyjumping, or me for that matter, I've been updating cluxjumps for the first time in over two years. In case you're not an old schooler and don't know what I'm talking about, I'll give you a brief explanation.

Bunnyjumping is the result of a bug originating from QuakeWorld were most of the HL code is taken from. It allows jumping at speeds three or possibly four or more times the regular walking speed in HL, and as opposed to Quake 3's strafejumping, QuakeWorld's airmove grants the ability control where you're going midair, making really sharp turns the only element negatively affecting your speed.

In the good old times, more specifically in CS 1.1 and earlier, this was a skill only a select few possessed, which inevitably made it a cheat. eclipse and I were among these few, and naturally we caused quite the uproar by bunnyjumping on public servers and even in certain practice games (hi goldpush). While we couldn't but enjoy this advantage, I had most fun with this by myself, mostly due to the fact that public sucked donkeyballs since b6.1.

So if you want to see the result of my boredom and what was possible with default settings in CS 1.1, I suggest you take a look.

Since updating the page now does require the help from our local hackzor at the cafe, and I've close to no interest on this subject anymore, I'll put in the last paragraph I forgot one hour ago here and leave the other one for dead.

For fun; try binding a key to sv_friction -20, and press it while jumping, although this cvar resets itself after a second it will greatly increase your speed between your jumps. Increasing sv_airaccelerate and finding a huge area to jump will grant you the ability to maintain this extra speed, try it!

DDR-sim StepMania !
6 Aug, 2003 | eclipse | Updated 21 Oct | 3 comments

An awesome DDR-simulator for PC. Go fetch @ StepMania.com
You'll also need some songs , get bumperpacks of them @ DDRAmerica.com


www.eSports.no Expand Their Serverlist.
16 Jun, 2003 | Pibbz | Updated 17 Jun by Mestr | 7 comments

Their list now includes: esports.no | CS #1 Dust Only esports.no | CS #2 Dust2 Only esports.no | CS #3 Aztec Only esports.no | CS #4 All Maps esports.no | CS #5 Custom esports.no | CS #6 Rats Only esports.no | CS #7 LOTR Only

Download Custom Maps Here


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