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Battle Info
X-Pec vs Feared Gamers
Gametype: Counter-Strike 5x5
Event: CB OpenCup
      train (as CT)6 - 6
      train (as T)7 - 5
      inferno (as CT)6 - 6
      inferno (as T)6 - 6
      Result:25 - 23

one of the strangest matches ever. Spent over an hour pre-match trying to find a server and an admin, and we finally agreed on clanpost's server. (and xonix found an oc-admin who turned out to be fake or something, gj dag!) He admin'ed the game anyhow, but we won't get a report in cb :P
Started as terror on train, lost 0-5 but got ourselves together and won 7-5. As ct's, everything went smooth. Until 6-0 in our favour, that is. Suddenly the server started lagging as hell, and our pings went from 60-150. We lost all consentration, and FG took advantage of that. They somehow managed to aim even with over 100 ping, and the round ended 6-6. On inferno, the server just kept getting worse, but we didn't have the time to spend another hour finding a server, so we just played. Needless to say, it didn't go very well. The bullets didn't hit where they were supposed to, we died before we even saw the opponent and couldn't consentrate at all. This was actually not because we were angry or irritated, as most of you who know us might think. We were actually laughing. CS is incredibly random when the pings go over 70,and we couldn't stop laughing at all the stupid things that happened. Ask lobo for his demo if you want evidence. (f.ex: the incredibly skilled 26bullets burst plowing down 3 ct's in the second to last round in a 2on4 situation).

But anyways, Fjellgjen..I mean Feared Gamers were nice guys, hope for a rematch on a better server :)

Comment #1 - posted by xist (130.67.32.*) - 2003-03-04 07:26:03
niiice :) gg x-pec :)

Comment #2 - posted by (212.125.228.*) - 2003-03-04 13:30:27
GG! Var det close eller :) 6-6 7-5 6-6 og 6-6 sier jo sitt da men :)

Comment #3 - posted by (130.67.124.*) - 2003-03-04 14:05:43
GG xpec! sykt jevnt!

screen up elr?

Comment #4 - posted by akiro (80.111.79.*) - 2003-03-04 20:42:37
er vel en av de beste kampene!sykt jevnt!but x-pec as predicted, got the upper hand!

Comment #5 - posted by (194.248.155.*) - 2003-03-07 09:13:09
hm.. altså! kommer screenshotsa jeg dør etter å se dem ?!!!11

Comment #6 - posted by (213.67.26.*) - 2003-04-05 22:57:48
GG :>

Comment #7 - posted by Cobretti (81.224.134.*) - 2003-10-04 23:17:10

Comment #8 - posted by (188.143.232.*) - 2016-11-15 03:40:52
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