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Battle Info
X-Pec vs rAfF
Gametype: Counter-Strike 5x5
Event: NCC2
      de_cbble (as CT)11 - 1
      de_cbble (as T)11 - 1
      de_inferno (as CT)12 - 0
      de_inferno (as T)9 - 3
      Result:43 - 5

the match started a bit late, due to xonix having no driving skills whatsoever.
We started out as terrorist on cbble, and won 11-1. Same result as ct. On Inferno, mestr totally owned them and went 14-1 as ct. Jesus, that guy pwns! As terror, we won 9-3. Could have been 8-4, due to some nice rushing of them in their eco, but lobo won a 1on3 with some high-skill aiming. No need to say, mestr and lobo really made this a match with lots of skill, and we thank the allmighty lord for letting us play with these two.

raff were very nice guys, and never whined about anything. Also, thanks to nirazor for being such a good admin. A nice start of the cup for us.


First screenshot

Second screenshot

Third screenshot

Fourth screenshot

Comment #1 - posted by <insert russernick here> (212.125.228.*) - 2003-02-03 05:32:52
good paly.

Comment #2 - posted by el-lobo (212.125.228.*) - 2003-02-04 01:19:10
word bro!

Comment #3 - posted by CurraNT (80.213.75.*) - 2003-02-11 03:19:38

Comment #4 - posted by NiRaZoR (62.179.214.*) - 2003-02-12 15:42:33
yeah :)!

Comment #5 - posted by ahaha (62.97.164.*) - 2003-04-01 02:10:24
hahaha vedder på at enten mestr eller lobo skrev denne rapporten.. :P

Comment #6 - posted by (188.143.232.*) - 2015-12-26 14:42:55
installed on ipad 2, configured coennctManager.php and mini_cmds.php and installed both into: /var/www/htm/asterisk ipad app network coennction The request timed out suggestions

Comment #7 - posted by (188.143.232.*) - 2015-12-28 11:34:55
First off, I'm glad this is finally <a href="http://prrwpmes.com">avaialble</a>. As someone who uses the scheduler pretty much exclusively it really bugged me that we had a personal link that couldn't even be used. I don't see why anyone would ever want to use a one time code when the personal link is an option. It would be nice if it was at least the default option.The other REALLY BIG DEAL to me is the inability to add any information to the invite. If I want to send any extra information I have to edit the invite after the fact (which causes everyone to get an extra email) or send a separate email. This seems like another thing that should be really basic. Add a text box that lets us type in extra information that will show up before the invite's normal instructions.The other thing that I've never been able to resolve is that the invitations always always appear to come from the first part of the email we login with. Meaning if my login is the meeting invites show up in people's inboxes as coming from ryan . If we could have some sort of control over that it would be great.These are probably my biggest complaints.The ability to schedule a meeting from some place other than the official site would also be cool. Adding personal text to meeting invites is far and away my #1 though.

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